Rigorous selection of wood, upholstery and padding, solid and precise construction of the structures, finishing of the inner parts as well as the exteriors are the qualities that are noticed and make the difference in every single creation.

Bolzan beds always stands out for the excellence of the supporting structures, real "soul" of its products, thanks to a particularly careful choice of materials and manufacturing.

In addition to the classic wooden shells, coming from controlled reforestation crops and manufactured with advanced technologies combined with moments of craftsmanship, Bolzan also offers aluminum structures expressing innovative qualities of lightness, resistance and eco-sustainability.

Qualities arising from research and continuous improvement, to always give the best in every product.

In Bolzan products, love for detail has a fundamental role,
not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms
of strength, durability, and comfort.

the wooden structure

The supporting structure is made of water-treated and polished blockboard wood. It is visible in the inner parts, and does not retain dust and mites but, above all, allows you to see its quality.

This three-ply stratified wood has superior performance as its fibers are crossed, offering more strength in all directions. Thanks to this it does not deform and crack like a normal single-layer board.

The use of wood from selected suppliers, seasoned for the proper time and processed with precision machines, is a further important guarantee of quality, stability and durability.

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the aluminum enters the bed frame

Bolzan is one of the few companies which uses structures entirely made of aluminum, this choice comes from aesthetic and technical exigencies. Aluminum is in fact a material which is extremely easy to clean, totally anallergic and completely recyclable, besides its resistance to torsion together with its lightness allows technical and aesthetical solutions which could not be reached otherwise.

The aluminum bed frame also allows the use of hands free mechanisms that enable you to easily lift the wooden slat and without using your hands, even with utmost use of the storage space.

Our inner aluminum structure was born from our passion, our experience and the continuous research that we carry out day by day to ensure a very high quality level of our products. For this reason our structure is PATENTED and therefore unique in its kind.

the foam rubber and
the inner lining

From the clever cutting of the foam blocks all the paddings are formed. In the paddings it is essential to know how to use different foam densities as each part of the bed responds to different aesthetic and functional requirements.

The use of high-density and non-deformable polyurethane foam guarantees comfort and durability.

All the padded parts are lined with dacron coupled with flame retardant and light resistant velfodera (fibre-lining), according to world standard laws.

The continuous research and the will to innovate in a sustainable way led the company to use alternative materials such as the coconut slabs to make up the padding of the bed.

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the fabric

The craftsmanship of Bolzan products is recognizable in the quality of the fabrics, with a collection offering a complete choice of textile types made with natural materials: cotton, linen, silk, wool.

A constantly expanding and evolving proposal that also stands out for the extraordinary variety of its offer: there are more than 500 possibilities allowing a total customization of the bed

In addition, as always attentive to sustainable ethics, Bolzan has introduced sustainable fabrics, which are the result of environmentally friendly industrial production processes, based on the reduction of energy consumption, on the use of renewable raw material sources, and on the optimization of the production chain capable of reducing the use of chemical products, also thanks to new solutions based on biochemistry and the use of biotechnology.

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The high quality of our leather

Bolzan uses only high quality leathers, from selected tanneries and produced with treatments that respect the environment. The natural charm and prestige of this raw material, capable of giving unique emotions to the touch and sight, are further enhanced by an accurate quality control which, in addition to the use of modern technologies, involves the intervention of expert eyes and hands, to discard all parts not suitable for processing and guarantee a perfect final result.

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