textile stories

Each bedroom describes the story of its inhabitants, their dreams and desires. Intimate and profound stories, where color is the protagonist, together with the textures of the fabrics and materials composing not only a space, but also the sensations of those who live there.

This is why Bolzan has created a collection of linens, pillows and blankets speaking harmonious and distinctive stylistic languages, with the same passion and attention to detail that it dedicates to beds and accessories. A succession of inner emotions and feelings on the skin: scene after scene, night after night.

And to describe it, he proposes the textile stories catalog where, through a journey through 7 different bedroom interpretations, he suggests 14 combinations of fabric, sheets and blankets.

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the importance of
natural materials

Bolzan is committed every day more to guaranteeing the sustainability of its production, guaranteeing raw materials of the highest quality, whose processing respects the environment from which they come.
This is why in the linen collection there are: - 100% fine cotton sheets set
- set sheets 100% linen
- 100% cotton blanket TANA
- AGNELLINA and NIDODAPE blankets in pure lamb's wool
- ALPAGOTA blanket in 100% wool of the alpago sheep. This blanket is part of a project that aims to recover the farming and textile traditions of the alpago area, a splendid mountain area near Bolzan.
Learn more about the Alpago sheep recovery project

-SPINAPESCE blanket 97% wool 3% cashmere.
Watch the project presentation video
Learn more about the project
the importance of<br>natural materials
Textile stories is a chromatic journey through the bedrooms, the emotions, the colors and the textures that inhabit them.

peace of mind

An architecture in contact with nature, amidst solar transparencies, plays of light and shadows, simple emotions instilling a sense of inner tranquility. Green, the color of relaxation and serenity par excellence, meets white, beige and brown, with simple and spontaneous combinations, like the chromatic sensations of a garden in which to cultivate ourselves.

loving feeling

Refined sensations envelop the body and mind, in an embrace made of sweetness and passion. Antique pink and raspberry express a delicate femininity, but aware of the power of beauty. Light gray and anthracite make up refined combinations, in the name of contemporary elegance.

strong character

The colors of the earth express a sense of warmth and solidity that accompanies the night, creating a welcoming environment and at the same time describing a strong personality, passionate and confident in its own choices. The combination of burnt red and fabrics in natural shades, rich in material textures and soft to the touch, is decisive.

enjoy your life

It is nice to wake up and feel a sense of joyful vitality, an inner energy accompanying us from the first moments of the day. Yellow, the color of the sun and gold, lights up a dynamic and refined atmosphere. Together with the purity of white and the innate elegance of gray, it stimulates our sensoriality.

peaceful location

An ideal place to find refuge, away from chaos and banality, immersed in the culture of design and the poetry of living. A harmony of chromatic notes that range from teal to powder blue, from gray to beige, with touches of Prussian blue, as deep as the night, or as white as the morning light.

sense of confidence

After a day with its thousands of commitments and its challenges, we need to feel welcomed and protected by pleasant memories, soothing tones, soft sensations. Blue and gray calm the mind and induce to abandon thoughts, dedicating ourselves exclusively to one’s well-being

nothing to hide

Bedroom becomes a refined frame, in which to reveal one’s most intimate and authentic essence. There is a studied simplicity behind every detail, an irresistible freshness emerging from the combination of white, sand and dove gray. Raw textures and manual workmanship complete the picture of sensations, in an environment that expresses the pleasure of being yourself.