The Bolzan collection includes two types of beds. A group of models such as Bend, Flag, Jack, and Joy, each of them having a special bed frame that characterizes the entire design. The other beds are instead composed of a characterizing headboard that can be combined with 4 different types of bed frames, with multiple upholstery options and a realization that is always of absolute quality.

h.5/h.9 version

h.5/h.9 version

h.20 version

h.20 version

h.29 version

h.29 version

h.5-h.9 bed frame

Lightness, minimalism and maximum ease of cleaning distinguish this type of bed frame, with a height of 5 cm or 9 cm, which can be combined with different wooden or metal feet to interpret multiple aesthetic personalities.

h.20 bed frame

Stage presence, refined taste and ample storage possibilities for bed frames with a height of 20 cm, with the possibility of inserting the Box or Easy Up mechanism and combining them with different feet that allow easy cleaning.

h.29 bed frame

Starring of the sleeping area, the classic 29 cm high bed frames offer maximum storage capacity, can be equipped with a Box, Easy Up or Hand Free mechanism and combined with feet of different types and sizes.
H. 20 and h. 29 bed frames can be equipped with a comfortable box: to save space and gain functionality.

Bolzan has studied mechanisms of different types, to satisfy every need for use and personal preference.

BOX allows the opening of the base with container, by using a simple lever mechanism.

EASY UP optimizes the space inside the room thanks to its movement that keeps the slatted base within the space occupied by the bed.

HANDS FREE allows to open the storage box without hands, and thanks to its aluminum structure, the storage box has inner pistons, thus maintaining a top-notch design.

The Flag bed integrates a practical and capacious front drawer into the bed frame, with a depth of 90 cm.

boxspring bedframe

A box spring bed is a bed of US origin and is very popular in luxury hotels. Its main feature is to have a structure (called box or sommier) where instead of the classic slatted bases there is a spring frame. The Box spring bed frame by Bolzan offers precisely this feature: having an inner structure with traditional springs ensuring performance, solidity and safety within the bed system. A mattress with traditional springs, pocket springs or foam is placed on it, topped in turn by a topper (optional).
The simultaneous presence of springs in the mattress and in the box below increases comfort and well-being during rest.
Thanks to this three-element structure, the box spring beds support the spine optimally and adapt perfectly to the body. In addition, each element can be individually adapted, thus making it possible to optimally meet specific resting needs based on weight, sleep behavior and preferred position.

matress recess

Bolzan beds’ structure allows you to meet different design needs: the mattress recess in the bed’s structure is customizable in 7 different heights. It is not available for bases with box.